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Lasik Laser Surgery

Blade Free Lakik

Femtosecond laser for flap making has made laser vision correction procedure 100 percent blade-free and even more safe.

In any LASIK procedure the first step is to create a corneal flap. In standard LASIK the surgeon uses a hand-held oscillating blade called microkeratome to cut the corneal flap. The flap is then folded and the Excimer laser treats the cornea to correct the refractive error.

In blade free LASIK, femtosecond laser has replaced the steel blade for creation of the corneal flap which improves visual outcome and post-operative comfort for the patient.

When you opt for advanced blade free LASIK procedure you get a completely integrated, personalized vision correction procedure based on cutting edge technology at every step. NASA recommends blade free LASIK to aspiring astronauts to get rid of their specs.

Advantages over standard LASIK

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