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Lasik Laser Surgery

How LASIK is done?

It has manily 3 steps.

Doctor will advice you to put some drops in your eyes & vision will be tested without glasses after 30 minutes. Most of the patients see quite well.

  • Most of the patients have a smooth post LASIK recovery & may join the work on 3 rd day.
  • Some degree of dryness is experienced by almost all the patients. It is taken care of by using lubricant drops.
  • In few patients full vision correction may not be achieved after first sitting & enhancement procedure may be advised.
  • Having realistic expectations will result in a very happy patient.

Dr Anand Pimparkar is your LASIK surgeon at our hospital.

He has been doing LASIK & other refractive procedures from 2008 & has performed LASIK on more than 4000 eyes. He has delivered many lectures on LASIK at various National & international meets. You can rely on him to get your LASIK done & to get rid of glasses. You can write to him at - anandp.drushti@gmail.com

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