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Lasik Laser Surgery

ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens)

ICL is lens implant that can be used for correction of refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia, & astigmatism).

It is mainly indicated in patients who are unfit for LASIK due to

It is one of the best, safest option for Refractive correction often giving predictable results with superb quality of vision.

ICL is made of patented bio-compatible material, and it is so soft that it can be injected painlessly into the eye through a tiny opening in the cornea.

Once inside the eye it is positioned in the space between the natural lens & iris. ICL is invisible from outside. There are no cosmetic changes in your eyes after ICL implant. ICL is supposed to remain permanently inside the eye. However it can be removed easily if necessary, making the procedure a reversible one.

Preoperative assessment

Apart from regular Refractive work up ICL needs measurement of corneal diameter & Anterior chamber depth(ACD)


Surgery takes approximately 15 minutes to perform. A few hours later you will be able to leave the clinic.Visual improvement is noted immediately post procedure.

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