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Lasik Laser Surgery

Lasik Laser

Spectacles or glasses are often unwanted. They can become a hindrance for getting a job or marriage etc. Glasses can cause inferiority complex to some. If you are thinking of getting rid of glasses, then LASIK is for you.

Human eye works like a camera. Cornea & lens act like camera lens . They focus light rays on the retina. If light rays are focused exactly on the retina, clear vision is obtained. When such focus is not achieved it results in refractive errors.

Refractive errors are corrected by following ways

LASIK (Laser assisted in situ keratomileusis) is the commonest performed surgical procedure of correction of wide range of refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism. It is being performed worldwide since more than 25 years. Newer machines with cutting edge technology, 4D tracking system(Radar) to detect eye movements during laser vision correction, Blade less flap creation(Femto LASIK) have increased accuracy, predictability & visual quality post LASIK tremendously.

The patients at Drushti Eye Institute have access to one of the most advanced LASIK LASER machines , AMARIS 500 (Schwind)& Ziemer Z6 Femto LDV for flap creation(Bladeless LASIK).

How is retinal detachment treated?

Most of the patients are eligible for LASIK but all are not.

  • Eligibility criteria are as follows
  • Age more than 18 years
  • No pregnancy or lactation
  • No other eye disease apart from Spects
  • No Rheumatoid arthritis or connective tissue disorder

When you will approach Drushti Eye Institute for LASIK, doctor will advice a few tests like topography, Pentacam, Pachymetry, Detailed fundus examination apart from regular eye tests.

They will rule out keratoconus or any other progressive corneal ectasia, thin cornea, dry eyes etc. Approximately 10% of patients coming to us for LASIK are turned down after the LASIK work up. Only if your eyes are fit for LASIK, you will undergo LASIK at Drushti Eye Institute.

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